Unforgettable Dresses For Your First Prom

Unforgettable Dresses For Your First Prom

Every teenage girl dreams of her first prom just as a young woman is dreaming of her wedding. Its a day of glamor and imagination where its as fun to choose the dress and get dolled up because it actually participates in the event. No longer is considered another school dance teens today go out for the prom and the dresses reflect it.

Style varies from traditional princess-like dress and fun flirty shorter numbers to sleepy evening dresses that will certainly make fathers everywhere wonder about their little girl that grows up. So no matter what kind of fashion customization a teenager has there is a wide range of styles that suit everyone from the girly girl to tomboy who has not weared a dress over the past decade. After all all girls get to play Cinderella on the prom night so why not dress the piece with an unforgettable dress for an unforgettable occasion?

Traditional balconies

Teenagers who favor a more traditional dress have many formal dress styles to choose from and one that captures the princess vibe perfect is the light pink Strapless Tulle Ball Gown with Beaded Bodice. With a full floor-length skirt and delicate beading this gorgeous glitter is shining in all the right places. Made of imported polyester the dress is fully lined and has a backrest. Its just dry cleaning.

For some funky update on a classic dress Ombre Ball Gown with Glitter Tulle Overlay adds a small zipper to make this style more 2010. With a strapless piece of life and wrinkled wrap waistband this dress is very flattering for all body types. Available in a turquoise and royal blue combination the Ombre ball chain features a glossy zipper print cover that adds a fun element to the style. Fully lined with zip this dress is made of imported polyester and is only dry clean.

Funny and flirting

Girls who want a fun and flirty dress that they can dance at night away will absolutely love Short Taffeta Dress with Sequined Hanky Home. Parents will channel Cyndi Laupers Girls Just Want to Fun era as their daughter dons this funky frock that only a teenager could wear. Made of fuchsia polyester fabric this replica number has sequences on 2-wavy wavy hem with a back tulle surface. The dress is fully lined with an invisible back and is only clean.

An equally youthful but slightly more conservative dress is Short Strapless Tiered Tulle Dress. Short and flirty this black strapless design features a shirred bodice and a natural waist accentuated by a strapband. The dress is made of tiered tulle for a frilly look that is right out of the handwriting Gossip Girl.

Elegantly Understated

Girls who do not like dresses covered in frills and pearls have a great variety of stylish discreet age-appropriate dresses to choose from what their parents will love too. The Strapless Tulle Dress With Caviar Beading is the perfect example of how less can be more when it comes to fashion. This knee-length dress has a strapless bodice that is ruched by the empire waist. The lining is made of champagne-colored polyester and has black fabric coverings. Caviar pearls dot overlay for a stunningly chic but simple design. Due to the intricate pearl and delicate tulle this dress is hand wash only.

Another elegant discreet dress is Spaghetti Strap Beaded Taffeta with Ribbon Tie Dress. This dress is made of silver taffeta just above the knee and has a spaghetti strap with a waistband. The dress has sensitive embroidery and beading. It is lined with a zipper and must be cleaned only.

evening Dresses

Girls leaning against a slim evening rock style can channel their red carpet diva with a number of stylish styles that lend a more mature look. The Silky Knit Halter Gown with Beaded Brooch Detail is a thin screen in navy polyester that will flatter any shape. It has a shirred halter bodice with a crystal brooch in the middle that highlights the front cascade. The dress is fully lined with a back and must be hand washed.

For a more daring look Charmeuse Animal Print Gown with Beading is a very small number that will surely stand out among the crowd. Made of smooth brown animal print charmeuse fabric this dress is cut to hold all the right places for a soft silhouette. The midriff of the dress is the beads illusion to give a hint of skin through the clean net. The back of the dress is cut low with cross-over thick supporting ribbons.

No matter what kind of feel a girl has there is a dress dress out to suit her style. From ball gowns and flirting short numbers to elegant evening gowns and discreet attire the options are endless for teens to find the perfect unforgettable dress for their first prom.

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